Mold Screenings

A mold screening consist of measured air sampling with Air-O-Cell Cassettes which are then sent to a laboratory for mold count, type, and a report of the results is generated to help determine the potential mold exposure to the occupants within the building. This type of testing is similar to the pre and/or post mold assessment/remediation. An outside air sample is taken as a comparative to the indoor air sample/s creating two sample minimum. Medium, larger, and multiple level homes may require additional air samples.

Mold Screening at the time of a home inspection -$175.00 includes the initial 2 samples and for each additional sample add $75.00)

Mold Surface Sampling

A tape lift or swab sample is taken from a surface suspected to have mold growth and sent to a laboratory for growth identification

Surface sample taken at the time of a home inspection -$75.00

Mold Assessments

A mold assessment is an evaluation and mold remediation report plan that is specific to each remediation project and is performed  pre mold remediation and a clearance is performed post mold remediation.

When possible, the underlying sources of moisture that may be causing the mold and a recommendation as to the type of contractor who   would remedy the source of such moisture.

Cost of assessments are unique to each project and vary, please call for estimate.

The mold remediation plan will specify:
The rooms or areas where the work will be performed.
The estimated quantities of materials to be cleaned or removed.
The methods to be used for each type of remediation in each type of area.
The personal protection equipment (PPE) to be supplied by licensed remediators for use by licensed abaters.
The proposed clearance procedures and criteria for each type of remediation in each type of area.
Recommendations for notice and posting requirements that are appropriate for the project size, duration, and points of entry.
An estimate of cost and an estimated time frame for completion.

The remediation plan may require containment, as appropriate, to prevent the spread of mold to areas of the building outside the containment under normal conditions of use.

Disinfectant, biocide, or antimicrobial coating may be used on a mold remediation project shall indicate a specific product or brand only if it is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the intended use and if the use is consistent with the manufacturer's labeling instructions and take into account the potential for occupant sensitivities.