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Water Tests Availible: 

Fees are for tests performed at the time of a home inspection.


Bacteria Scan   $80.00  Test for e-coli (animal bacteria) and Coliform bacteria (animal or vegetable bacteria).


Home Drinking Water Test Kit  $150.00  Test for e-coli and Coliform bacteria.  PH, lead, nitrate (indicator of waste), nitrite (indicator of biological waste) and radon in water.


Standard Scan   $250.00  Tests for common causes of unhealthy water and low water quality. Choose this water test if you need a basic scan for some of the more common contaminants found in water. This test covers all known banking requirements including FHA and VA mortgages.

Test includes: total coliform bacteria, fecal/e. coli, lead plus: sodium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, arsenic, ph, turbidity, color, odor, conductivity, total dissolved solids (tds), sediment, alkalinity, chlorine, chloride, hardness, nitrate, nitrite,ammonia, sulfate.


Comprehensive Scan    $350.00   Powerful testing for surface water and deep well sources. Tests for 61 volatile organic compounds (including MTBE), as well as, the common causes of unhealthy and low quality water. This is the best test for determining general water quality.

Test includes: total coliform bacteria, lead, nitrate, nitrite, radon, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, chloride, chlorine, color, hardness, ph, total dissolved solids, sulfate,ammonia plus: fecal/e. coli, alkalinity, odor, conductivity, sediment, turbidity, arsenic and 61 volatile organic compounds.


Comprehensive Plus Pesticides Scan    $425.00   Includes everything in the Comprehensive Scan and adds 17 pesticides to the analysis. Perfect for clients near farming areas or who suspect inappropriate use of pesticides in the surrounding neighborhood.

Test includes: total coliform, fecal/e. coli, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, alkalinity, chloride,chlorine, color, conductivity, hardness, nitrate, nitrite, odor, ph, sediment, total dissolved solids, sulfate, turbidity, arsenic, lead,ammonia, radon, 61 volatile organics compounds (including mtbe) plus the following pesticides: aldrin, a-bhc, b-bhc, d-bhc, g-bhc, chlordane, 4,4'-ddd, 4,4'-dde, 4,4'-ddt, dieldrin, endosulfan i, endosulfan sulfate, endrin, endrin aldehyde, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, methoxychlor, toxaphene.

Well Flow Test: 

We attempt to run water for approx. 1 hr at 4-5 gal per minute to test for adequate volume at the time of inspection. 

$25.00 - Flow Test 


Lead in Water (municipal supply):



Recreational Swimming Test:  (for POND WATER)

Use this test to determine if the supply is safe for swimming.  Fecal E.Coli Enumeation and T. Enterocci Bacteria